We deliver high production value professional portraits to clients form start-ups to Fortune 100 company.  Every step is easy and transparent.  Here is how you book The Booth for your corporate headshots +  some FAQ's.

How it works:

How do I book The Booth for Business? 

We have 3 basic packages: Small Group, Large Group and Corporate Events. Choose which package fits your need, work with our sales team to lock in a date, and you are ready to go!

Can you help schedule our team for their time slot?  

Yes! This is a big part of how me make this easy for you. Two weeks prior to the date, we send you a link to our scheduling tool, which you share with your team. Each individual signs up for their preferred time and then we send you the schedule.

How will we access photos after the shoot?

We send you a link to an online gallery where you will be able to download photos at various sizes. We can also do a bulk file transfer through WeTransfer or DropBox.

Can we select our photos on the shoot day?

Yes! Our on-site image selection tool can be booked as a premium add-on. After each person's session is complete, they review their image on our iPad kiosks, select the one they like and email it to themselves. After, we send you a spreadsheet with the a name and an image number.

For conferences and tradeshows, this is a wonderful tool. You might not need to know which image attendees select, but they thrilled to walk away with a new headshot in their inbox!

Click here for more information on the Image Selection Tool.


The Setup:

Where will you do the shoot?

We bring our headshot studio to you. Our production team will work with you to find an empty office, a boardroom or any other open space that can accommodate our setup.

If you need us for a corporate event or meeting we will ask you your preferences, but happily offer input on where we work best in terms of traffic and crowds.

What do you bring?

We bring lights, a camera, stands and a background. We will have everything we need to shoot the photos.

What are your background options?

Our standard backgrounds are white or grey set paper. We can source any color you want, for a premium. Click here to see our color options.

We love our office, can you use that as the background?

Sure. If your office or some other environmental factor is a big part of your corporate identity, we are happy to use it as the background. We will probably have a few extra questions about the space to make sure we come prepared.

Does the client need to provide anything?

All we need from you is 2-20amp outlets (i.e. 2 regular run-of-the-mill plugs in the wall) and a table.


The Photos:

What should me team wear?

People should dress as though they are going to a client meeting. This will vary by industry, but in general, you want potential clients to see these photos and feel confident in the way your team presents themselves professionally.

Do you shoot a horizontal or vertical format?

We mostly shoot our photos horizontally. This gives you better options for cropping Having said that, we are happy to work with you on an alternate orientation or crop.

Do you retouch photos?

For events, we do very basic color correction and cropping where needed for the post-event gallery. For company portraits we include 15min of retouching time for each subject. This can be used to remove blemishes, tame fly-away hair and smooth skin, etc.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

We do have preferred hair and makeup artists who help your team look their personal best. This might include taming hair, addressing shiny skin, adding a little lipstick, etc. And with a little hair-makeup people feel a little more confident.

Retouching is an amazing tool, but it is always ideal to get the best photo possible in-camera.

Do you shoot black and white or color?

We shoot everything in color. That way you can have the photo in color or the option to convert it to black and white.


Do you shoot video?

Yes! We do video profiles, testimonial videos and explainer videos. Please reach out to us, should you have a video project you would want to discuss.