The Professional Headshot vs. The Selfie

That selfie your Account Executive took the other day, in her apartment, next to the window where the light was just right:  Your Facebook friends will say "gorgeous!", but your client will wonder, is this the sharp and experienced professional I just spoke to on the phone?  The photo of your legal team against a white wall in the office:  Consistent?  Yes!  Professional?  No.

There are so many reasons to incorporate professional headshots into your company's 2016 marketing plan.  Here is a starter list of 4:

1.  Makes a great first impression:  So much of the business we do is remote, online or over the phone.  Sometimes you don't meet a client until well after you have started doing business together.  The first thing they learn about your people is through a headshot and bio.  Both should reflect your professionalism and experience.

2.  Builds confidence:  A great corporate headshot sets a professional tone that carries over into a client's trust and confidence in the business. 

3.  Conveys the personality of business and individual:  What people wear, how they hold themselves, what the background is, even the crop of the photo - these are all details that say something about the business and the people who work there.  This is information that helps a client understand if your company is a good fit for their project.  A seasoned photographer can help you make the right decisions.

4.  Creates a connection:   Regardless of what you make, sell, produce, etc, you probably have competitors.  What your competitors DON'T have is your staff.  Clients want to work with people they trust and connect with and a good corporate headshot gets that relationship started on the right foot. 

When it comes to a good impression, there's no better place to start than with a great photo.  Good luck kicking off 2016 with your best face forward!!!



Why Headshots?

In 2007, The Booth launched as a pop-up photo studio for special events.  It quickly became clear that our pop-up-studio-in-the-spirit-a-photo-booth had further applications:  brand launches, music and film festivals, event marketing... and headshots!  

Our brand of creating excellent images and clear, affordable and uncomplicated packages translates beautifully into professional headshot photography.  The creative pivot into making photos that read "professional" instead of "party" is a natural evolution for our Creative Director, Ian Londin, who has 20 years of headshot photography under his belt.

Our mission, from day 1, has been to make fabulous, high-production value photography available in non-studio environments in an affordable and logistically accessible manner.  

We are excited about continuing this mission and encourage you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.