Fear and the corporate headshot

A completely unscientific study based only on our experience tells us that 80-90% of people fear getting their professional portrait taken at work. They worry that they will look bad, that their smile won't be natural, that their clothes won't photograph well, that their hair doesn't look right today.  

You would think with our selfie culture there wouldn't be a person on earth afraid of the camera, but that is not our experience AT ALL.

But we get it. It's awkward to stand in front of a stranger. You have to take instant direction from them - how to stand, where to look, how to move your shoulders and chin – and trust that their goal is to make you look as good as you want to look.

The one compliment we get time and time again is that we put people at ease. It's truly a point of pride with us and truly the best tool we know for getting great headshots.  For each new person, we introduce ourselves and smile. We talk with them to put them at ease. We listen if a subject is uncomfortable and pay attention to their body language. We show them the images so they know they look great or give them an option to jump in for round 2.

There is no longer a need to fear the photographer when you have a team like ours!

Your Portrait, Your Brand - What Your Professional Photo Says About What You Do

A corporate headshot should visually signal something about what you do.  Some professionals and businesses prefer that to be subtle.  Some want it to be clear and obvious.  Here are some examples.

Top:  Financial services, Event Tech, Writer.  Bottom:  Software Developer, Skateboarder, Chef.

Top:  Financial services, Event Tech, Writer.  Bottom:  Software Developer, Skateboarder, Chef.