Corporate Headshots With A Mission

Taproot is a wonderful organization that connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono.  Yesterday, we got up early to hang out with them and a group of professionals from corporations that were looking to do good.

We collaborated with their team to create a unique, mission-driven and professional conference-appropriate photo experience.  Guests snapped a few photos holding a sign with their fill in of "________ inspires me to make a difference."  They put down the sign, snapped a few complimentary headshots and then took their print and added it to a "community" board.  The results were diverse, touching, funny and inspiring.

BizBash Part 1: What We Did

Last Tuesday we had a great time exhibiting at BizBash NYC. This year we showed off our new headshot booth and gave it a twist!  Guests took a corporate headshot and then were challenged to engage socially via an IRL tagboard.

We had a blast taking photos and meeting new people through our booth activation.  Thanks BizBash and thanks to all the attendees!