On-Site Image Selection


With on-site image selection, subjects can email their image to themselves directly from the session.  It is a rewarding experience for the subject and a huge time-saver for the planner.

The on-site image selection process is tremendously useful for staff and conference photography.  It works the same in both scenarios:

Guest takes a photo

Guests steps over to the  iPad kiosk to review their photos.

Guests select the image(s) that they like and enter their email. (screenshots of sm tool)

Photos are immediately sent to the subject.

On-Site Image Selection – Conferences

If you have been to a conference anytime in the last decade you know the biggest challenges are to stand out and to create good connections.

Place us near your booth, or assign us a few brand ambassadors and you can make focus on raising brand awareness with those waiting in line.

Add signage and use our many branding opportunities (on iPad kiosk screens, in custom text, etc.) to keep your brand on their mind.

Extend your brand awareness after the event – this new photo will be a valuable and widely used tool in each of those contact's professional profile.  You are extending your brand's touch as long as that contact uses their new photo!

On-site Image Selection – Editing Made Easy.

Here's another speed bump when updating your staff's headshot photography.  Getting everyone to select an image.

Our on-site selection tool is perfect for those companies that need a quick turnaround.

After each team member takes a photo, they step over to our iPad kiosk.  Right there and then they select the image they want. We send you a spreadsheet and a gallery with those selections.

Done and done.