Our Staff is Everywhere: Getting Consistent Headshots


Part 2: One business, multiple locations

Our clients, big and small, often have staff working in multiple cities.  What's the best way to cover a team like this?

  1. Bring us in during an annual gathering.  Do you do an all-staff event every year? Schedule us in around it and we can be there to cover everyone.

  2. We work in many cities, many of which are considered local and would not incur travel expenses.  Book us and you will have a consistency in look and process that makes your job way easier.

  3. If they are traveling to NY, have them drop in at one of our Open Studio days.  The booth holds periodic open studio shoots in NYC and Westchester. Individuals can sign up for a convenient time and pop in to get their headshot done quickly and efficiently.

  1. Finally, if it's a small group and we do not have anyone local, have them visit their local photographer.  We can give them a style guide so the images can match. Green screen is also an option to help maintain branding consistency.