How Does it Work?


Our mission is to make every part of corporate headshot photography easy. So here's a quick outline from booking through post-shoot online gallery.

Here's how it's done:

  • Check out our website.

Do you like our style? If yes, then...

  • Contact us via email, phone or contact page on our website.

  • Tell us as much as you know about the job (where it is, how many people, etc.)

  • Look out for a proposal from us: how much time we need, background options, staff size, file delivery timeline.

  • Pick a date and time.

  • Watch our team show up on time, set up discreetly without disrupting your team's work, and be ready to take the best headshot photos ever!

  • 48hrs later, look out for a link to your online gallery with download-able images.

A few things that make it extra easy:

  • Pre-event scheduling system (blog post coming, but reach out for more information)

  • On-site image selection

  • Built-in retouching at 15min/person (included in staff photos, only)

Our menu is short, but it's all you need. Really.