Our Staff is Everywhere: Getting Consistent Headshots


Part 1: One Office, Staff Everywhere

You need high quality, consistent photographs of your team, done efficiently.  The problem is, how do you get everyone into the office on a specific day/time?  Half of the sales team is out in the field, two staff members work remotely, a CEO is constantly in and out of meetings, etc...

Here are a few solutions:

  1. Book your headshot shoot over 2 consecutive days.  If someone is out on day one, they will likely be back for day 2.

  2. Book  multiple days spread out over time – a month or more.  You get all the above benefits, plus you can cover new hires, those that were out over long periods, or staff that has changed their look and wants a reshoot.

  3. Send those last few people to one of our open studio days.  The booth holds periodic open studio shoots in NYC and Westchester.  Individuals can sign up for a convenient time and pop in to get their headshot done quickly and efficiently.