Posing. Ugh.


A subject walks into the a photo studio.  They look great, are at ease and are happily chatty.  The photographer raises the camera and 1 of 3 things happens:

  1. The subject continues to feel relaxed and uses that easy smile for a great photo.

  2. The subject goes into photo mode delivering a pose that is their camera face.

  3. The subject panics and says, I look awful in photos and every bit of tension they are feeling shows up on their face.

Let's be clear – we are not all Giselle and Tom Brady.  It's tough to look good in front of a camera but we don't necessarily know what to do.

That's where we come in...  We can work with you to get that 'camera face' to relax and show the best you.  We can help you feel relaxed, making small adjustments and talking you through it the whole time.  You can come feeling dressed to the nines with your hair blown out and makeup done, but we argue that a photographer who makes you feel great is the secret ingredient.