How Often Should A Company Do Professional Headshots

It is key to keep your staff's headshots current and in-line with your company's brand.  The way we see it, "current" is the operative word in a big way and factors in on several levels:

1.  Does your team still look like they looked the last time you did this.  If hair was big and bangs were high last time around, it is definitely time to update.  We joke, but even subtle, small differences in hair and clothing will signal to your client how current your company's ideas and products are.

2.  Has your business changed?  Are your current portraits consistent and on brand with what your company currently does.  Is the use of light and environment telling your clients the right story about your company?

3.  Has your team changed?  This is the most obvious reason to update your headshots.  If your company went from 5 to 50 in the last 12 months or if you just added a department to handle experiential marketing (see  wink wink), it is now time to do head shots. 

So if you are looking for #'s, the optimal range is to do new headshots every 2-5 years.  A law firm or medical practice could go as long as 5 years - strong, steady and consistent will be values that endure.  Clients look to a creative agency or design firm for new ideas to keep their businesses fresh.  So, keep those headshots fresh also - 2-3 years, maximum.