Corporate Headshots = Added Value at Trade Shows and Conferences

The Booth for Business is a service that was conceived from our original business, The Booth.  The Booth is a pop- up photo booth for special events.  We had many requests for photo booths at daytime corporate conferences.  Clients wanted to provide a different kind of service that would draw attendees to their booth and motivate social sharing about their brand.

Soon after, we convinced a client to take a leap and try the Booth for Business at their corporate event, instead of a standard event-focused photo booth.  The response was beyond positive.  A free headshot appealed to the corporate conference and trade show audience.  It was a high value item and it connected to the professional tone of the event.  

A headshot is still a fun draw and, in at least this company's opinion, a huge improvement on the a branded stress ball or other throwaway premiums.