How To Dress for a Headshot


We get this question all the time.  How does one dress for a headshot. The answer is easy:  Dress like you are going to meet your best client.

A headshot is the first opportunity to make an impression.  Does your company service a more traditional industry? If yes, wear a suit.  Does your audience value creativity? Then something less traditional can work.

Whatever you put on make sure it is clean and free of wrinkles.  Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

Posing. Ugh.


A subject walks into the a photo studio.  They look great, are at ease and are happily chatty.  The photographer raises the camera and 1 of 3 things happens:

  1. The subject continues to feel relaxed and uses that easy smile for a great photo.

  2. The subject goes into photo mode delivering a pose that is their camera face.

  3. The subject panics and says, I look awful in photos and every bit of tension they are feeling shows up on their face.

Let's be clear – we are not all Giselle and Tom Brady.  It's tough to look good in front of a camera but we don't necessarily know what to do.

That's where we come in...  We can work with you to get that 'camera face' to relax and show the best you.  We can help you feel relaxed, making small adjustments and talking you through it the whole time.  You can come feeling dressed to the nines with your hair blown out and makeup done, but we argue that a photographer who makes you feel great is the secret ingredient.

Corporate Branding, The Corporate Headshot and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a tool for your business and shouldn’t be regarded casually.  It's more than just a personal profile.  It is a key channel for B2B marketing and a place to establish your brand as a thought leading field (read more in Forbes article about Brands and LinkedIn here).  

Your team’s headshots on LinkedIn matters for your company.  Their professional profiles are an extension of your branding so make sure they are just as well-considered.

The Booth for Business - Retouching



We think you are all perfect and gorgeous, yet the most common question we get is, 'Do you retouch our photos?' Yes, we do, and for staff portrait packages, we include 15min for everyone.

Our retouching includes:

General color correction.
Fly-away hairs.
Skin smoothing (upon request).

Special requests?  No problem.  We are happy to evaluate your needs and offer solutions.

On-site Headshot Selection Tool



It is now possible for event attendees or staff to select and email their headshot directly from the event.  It is a delight for people to get their images so quickly.  Further, it considerably cuts down on the countless hours you would otherwise have to spend getting people their photos.

After each person takes a photo they:

-Step to the iPad kiosk to view the photos they just took.
-Select the image(s) that they like.
-Email the images to him or herself.


Conferences – Attendees walk away with a new headshot that they can upload to LinkedIn before they leave the room.

Staff Photography – Staff selects their image on the spot.  We supply you with a list of selections, cutting your post shoot timing considerably.  

Online Staff Scheduling Tool

The Booth_Headshot Scheduling


Getting your team organized for headshots is not easy. Chasing team members down and juggling schedules is time-consuming and difficult. With our scheduling tool we handle that piece of the headshot project, while giving you continued oversight.

Here's how it works:

We send your point person a link to your customized scheduling webpage.
You share that with your team.
Each person selects their preferred time.




And receives a confirmation in their inbox:


1 day ahead the team member gets a reminder about their headshot appointment.

We can provide you with a spreadsheet with all bookings at any point, helping you stay organized and on top of your team.



How Does It Work? Headshots with The Booth for Business



Our mission is to make every part of headshot photography easy so we integrate this idea into every step of our process.
Here is how you book The Booth for Business:

Check out our website. Do you like our photos? If yes, then...

  • Contact us with your company name, where you are located and how many people you want covered.
  • Look out for a proposal that lays out a clear cut package, including your needs for:  number of headshots or time, photography staffing, date and time, final image tranfer.
  • On shoot day, the best photo team ever will arrive 2hrs early to setup and be ready for the first subject.
  • Breakdown takes about 30min.
  • 48hrs later, files will be delivered via your preferred transfer method (USB Drive, Online Gallery, Database Transfer, etc.)

A few things that make it extra easy:

Pre-event scheduling system (blog post coming, but reach out for more information)
On-site image selection
Built-in retouching at 15min/person (included in staff photos, only)

Our menu is short, but it's all you need. Really.

Corporate Headshots With A Mission

Taproot is a wonderful organization that connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono.  Yesterday, we got up early to hang out with them and a group of professionals from corporations that were looking to do good.

We collaborated with their team to create a unique, mission-driven and professional conference-appropriate photo experience.  Guests snapped a few photos holding a sign with their fill in of "________ inspires me to make a difference."  They put down the sign, snapped a few complimentary headshots and then took their print and added it to a "community" board.  The results were diverse, touching, funny and inspiring.

Corporate Headshots and ExhibitorLive

We just spent 4 days in Vegas networking and taking photos of some of the most impressive brands and clients in the trade show industry at ExhibitorLive.  Thanks to Jeff Naccarato for getting us into a great spot.  Row 900 ruled and we had THE BEST neighbors (hey there TurnoutNow, ZigZibit, Showgo and LogoMats!)

First we want to thank everyone who stopped by for their professional headshot.  We hope that your new LinkedIn photos are bringing you all kinds of good business vibes.

Rebekah, ready to take your corporate headshot.

Rebekah, ready to take your corporate headshot.

As usual, we made new friends and were happy to reconnect those we have met on the circuit.

Our all-time trade show favorite, David Nay of Think Green Promos was a friendly face in our booth.  He showed us some fabulous, innovative products (backpacks and water bottles with subtle, well-thought out and very clever details were our favorite).  He gave us a great smile for his new corporate photo.

Hey David!  Looking good on our iPad Kiosk social media tool.

Hey David!  Looking good on our iPad Kiosk social media tool.

We saw some amazing and smartly thought out displays.  One of our favorites was by Skyline Exhibits, who strategically placed a video display on a luminous wall with the same graphic, only still.  It was just gorgeous and the effect was mesmerizing.

Freeman showed off an on-site capability to speak to attendees about their dream space and make digital renderings ON. THE.  SPOT.  They also did it in their cool double decker exhibit, a design concept also utilized by Gorilla Production Group.

Lego was the theme with Spoon and Impact XM.  Using these building tools each told their stories in a unique and tactile way.  

The week was full of so many great ideas and fabulous people.  We are looking forward to following you throughout the year.  See you again in 2018!

Fear and the corporate headshot

A completely unscientific study based only on our experience tells us that 80-90% of people fear getting their professional portrait taken at work. They worry that they will look bad, that their smile won't be natural, that their clothes won't photograph well, that their hair doesn't look right today.  

You would think with our selfie culture there wouldn't be a person on earth afraid of the camera, but that is not our experience AT ALL.

But we get it. It's awkward to stand in front of a stranger. You have to take instant direction from them - how to stand, where to look, how to move your shoulders and chin – and trust that their goal is to make you look as good as you want to look.

The one compliment we get time and time again is that we put people at ease. It's truly a point of pride with us and truly the best tool we know for getting great headshots.  For each new person, we introduce ourselves and smile. We talk with them to put them at ease. We listen if a subject is uncomfortable and pay attention to their body language. We show them the images so they know they look great or give them an option to jump in for round 2.

There is no longer a need to fear the photographer when you have a team like ours!

Scheduling Your Team's Professional Headshots - We Couldn't Make It Easier

Every marketing and HR professional we speak to knows their team needs headshots.  They all want it, and one of the main reasons we hear:  they just don't have the time to book it, organize their team or work with each staff member to get selections.


We spend considerable time thinking through these issues and came up with solutions.

Scheduling:  First we send you a link to your customized scheduling tool.  Your team can use that link to sign up directly for a time that works for them.  We send you a list ahead of time so you can see who signed up and when.


Image Selection:  Our on-site selection tool is a valuable time-saver for larger teams.  After an employee has their photo taken they step over to the viewer and choose their favorite image.  We present you with an edited gallery of all final selections as well as a spreadsheet with the subjects name and image number.


Our goal for The Booth for Business is to simplify every step of the corporate photography process.  These are two of the tools make it easy.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 1.28.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 1.23.28 PM.png

BizBash Part 1: What We Did

Last Tuesday we had a great time exhibiting at BizBash NYC. This year we showed off our new headshot booth and gave it a twist!  Guests took a corporate headshot and then were challenged to engage socially via an IRL tagboard.

We had a blast taking photos and meeting new people through our booth activation.  Thanks BizBash and thanks to all the attendees!